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About Hazel

About Hazel

 As a very young child I was always drawn into nature and the world of energy and spirit. Spending much time alone communicating with plants, trees animals and nature spirits I had a very keen interest from my early years in the ‘before’ and ‘after’ life and continuously expressed both questioning, and an inner knowing that there is more to life than our physical selves and the material world.

In my late teensI was self-initiated into working in the realms of spirit and energy when I was introduced to sacred plants and their medicine. This began my path of experiential self discovery, personal transformation and healing, and,  awakening to spiritual growth. I have been exploring and working with sacred plant medicine, lucid dreaming and the light body, altered states of consciousness, animal and spirit guides, sound and colour, and fairly more recently, nutrition to assist both mysef and others on a path of self healing, self discovery and self empowerment since that time.

Along with my Training in hypnotherapy and various shamanic practices including sound healing, multi dimensional cellular healing and soul retrieval, I have also experienced staying for various lengths of time at very many sacred and magical sites, particularly around England, Wales and Scotland. These include Callanais stone circle on the Outer Hebredes, Bryn Celli Ddu on the Isle of Anglesey, West Kennett longbarrow and Avebury stone circle and many other special and sacred places and mountain ranges. At these places I have worked with sacred plant medicine, sound and voice to connect with the spirit of the land, our ancestors and ancestral knowledge, and the nature spirits of those places. This has contributed to my self taught connections to the spirit of place, and to the receiving of information through direct experience from these special places and beings of our land.

With much of my experiences and teachings coming from sacred plant medicine, nature, my own connection with my spirit guides,  work in the dreamtime, and a number of years spent intensively working with a medicine man,  I have amalgamated all my training and teachings to offer the seeker the individual assistance that they need for their own healing and self empowerment.

I very much consider it both an honor and a learning to have worked with a wide variety of different people that are all at completely different stages in their healing journey and lifewalk, including other alternative therapists, autistic and special needs young adults, parents with their children and people that are receiving palliative care that are nearing the end of this earthwalk. I have experienced a special affinity with those with \’autism\’ and those that are close to their time of passing from this realm to the next. I am currently enrolled on a course with the Ruby Care Foundation, counselling for the terminally ill. This will complement my experience and passion for working Shamanically as a Soul Midwife/psychopomp.

During sessions your higher self and spirit guides are in charge of what is addressed, how much work is done and guides us to  receive and work with the most important issues that are there in your psyche to be healed…..

I am a member of and fully insured with I.P.T.I  (Independent  Professional Therapists International)

Please see Services page for what I can do for you.