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Shamanic Journey

Shamanic Journey

Shamanic Journey is an ancient technique to travel to a place within the inner self to gain connection, experience and information from ones higher self and ones spirit guide helpers in order to assist on a path of self healing , self discovery and self empowerment.

Working with a consistent rhythm of drum beat , voice and imagery , sound, and a space made sacred with ceremony, the individual is guided to a place within themselves that is out of everyday consciousness. In this altered state of awareness the individual journeys to the intention he or she has set at the beginning of the journey. For example if the intention was to connect with their personal place of power, or meet with a spirit guide, or receive information , this is where the journey will take them.

Shamanic journey is a powerful tool for personal spiritual development and self healing.

Although I would recommend between 4-6 sessions of Shamanic work , a Shamanic Journey can be a one off.. Some people just want a connection with their personal power animal or spirit guide. Others want a connection with their personal place of power and others still want several or more Shamanic journeys and sessions of Shamanic practice to really begin to work at a much deeper and consistent level with their inner selves and spirit guides.

My work with younger people with special needs, palliative care work has usually involved at least 4 sessions of Shamanic work that has included Shamanic Journey and Sound therapy,

Each Shamanic journey session begins with a consultation, and finishes with reflections for how to integrate and work with whatever has been received in the journey. Because everyone is so diverse each session is unique to the individual and their needs and requests.