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“The moment I saw Hazel I knew there was something special about her. She radiates an air of truth and warrior strength of the likes I have not felt before. We connected right away and I had the pleasure of attending a couple of her ceremonies and having a reading from her. One of the most rare and extraordinary gifts that Hazel has is the amazing ability to see you as you truly are. She sees and connects with the true spirit within and I had the absolute honour of receiving messages from the spirit world for me translated through her, which really was the beginning of a big transformation for me.
She sees truth because she is truth and never before have I felt such presence of a real, strong and authentic healer. A warrior on this planet to help us all connect to our highest selves, our true selves, our warrior within. A most unique and beautiful being, I am so unbelievably blessed to know her.”

Natalie M.

“Hazel is an incredible woman/Shaman who I intuitively like and trust.  She practices with love, respect and infinite wisdom and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who feels dis-empowered or that something is \’not quite right\’ in their lives).  Hazel patiently and skilfully united me with my power animal, and encouraged by her practice, aroused an interest in drumming and shamanic practice which I have had much joy in discovering since. Every happiness”


“I met Hazel, warrior goddess, last year at a festival. She is an amazing woman. I went on a shamanic journey under her lead, which was a life changing experience. Her wisdom and empathy is inspiring!”

Marilyn C

“I just wanted to say hello and let you know that I feel the most content and whole I have ever felt in my life and I do think that it is partly due to my experiences with you X Thankyou Hazel.”


“I just wanted to say: amazing treatment! You\’re an awesome healer! It felt so deep, thorough and beneficial. I will cherish the insights and changes that it brought to me. Important stuff! By the way a good mirror is one of the most fabulously healing tools one can be but you were more than that, you act as an agent of light and you own that beauty very gracefully and with great modesty!”


“It has been exactly four years since we contacted you when we were facing dramatic circumstances . You did accompanied our family throw our distress bringing our lives to a mystical level where fear and pain could be replace by  acceptance . We have experienced  many journeys guided by you which have enable us to seek for serenity . Your constant support and fearless approach has (and will) help us to grow as life is a learning path.”

Isabelle W

“I just wanted to get in touch to thank you again for the healing session which I found to be really powerful and amazing.  Thank you for your clarity, your care and your strength.  I feel good in myself and clearer in my boundaries and my understanding of the various emotions / entities and histories I have been living with.  I would really like to connect with you to understand more about what you do and how you work if possible, if you are doing any workshops / teaching etc, I\’d love to be involved! “