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Workshops and Events

Workshops and Events

Experiential Workshops:

Shamanism for Healing and Self Empowerment
These one day workshops are the perfect introduction for learning simple ancient techniques to assist you on your path of Healing and Self Discovery. They include:- 

The sacredness of Ceremony and keeping clear

Sharing from the Heart and Soul within a Sacred Circle

Exploring Shamanic Journey and finding your own personal Place of Power

Finding and working with your own abilities to heal yourself and others using both intuitive / guided touch and sound

Connecting with a Spirit guide/ Ally and learning how to bring and utilize the medicine into your everyday life.

Dying to Live

We all hold fears around the death process. These fears when acknowledged  confronted and explored can allow us to live life in a much more balanced and wholesome way.

In these one day workshops we will explore  and examine the process around death and dying. We will uncover some of the  ideas  beliefs and fears that we have around death and will  use  interactive exercises to move us  through some of these limiting belief structures .

The aim of these experiential one day gatherings is to bring into the light and move through some our  deepest cultural, collective and personal taboos and fears around the journey that we will all enevitably take so we can live our lives in a richer more aware and wholesome way that is unique to each of us.

Beginning our journey in self empowerment.. becoming our own guides and healer
These two day workshops are ideal for those wishing to embark on  and or develop a journey of Self discovery, Personal development and a lifestyle  that promotes health, spiritual and energetic awareness,  informed  choice, wholesome relationships , integrity, truth, compassion and respect for oneself and the environment.

Part one: Becoming aware or self empowerment and what it means. Learning about how we are energetic beings with energy centres that correspond to specific modes of being, behaviour and thinking. Recognising how we give our power away and how that effects our health and well being.  Informed choices and the importance of choice. Emotion v feeling, reacting and responding.
Part two: Exploring further our energy selves and the idea of programmes, and re programming.  Energetic patterns and entities. Sound and energy healing. Shamanic practice as a  lifestyle that continually develops and maintains health and well being on all levels. Connection with and working with our higher or spiritual selves, our spirit guides and allies.  Owning our natural gifts and talents. Dreaming, Journeying and receiving energetic guidance.

Tarot Reading course
A 6 session course for beginners. Learn how to use the tarot for self reflection, self knowledge and divination. One to one or groups. Online or in person

I offer talks on any of the workshop subjects

If you would like to book me for talks please contact me with details of your inspiration and requirements and I will be happy to arrange with you content, times, dates,  places and prices.

Monthly Healing Spaces 2024
Regular Shamanic Journey groups are held in Whitstable, Kent on the first and third Saturday Morning of each month. If you would like to come along and experience these deeply relaxing sacred spaces please contact me for more information.

Bi Monthly open Kambo ceremonies are offered in Whitstable. These are very small groups of up to 4 people inviting the opportunity to receive Kambo in a safely held shared space.  One to one ceremonies and small private groups can be arranged throughout each month. Please contact me for further information.

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