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A Ceremony is a sacred and beautiful experience to honour a special occasion. Throughout the ages since earliest times Ceremony has been a very important role in many ways for he individual, families, and the whole community.

Ceremony creates a link between the physical and spiritual, between the mundane and the sacred allowing a greater appreciation, understanding, reverence and connection which can be created and held by an individual or in a group…

Ceremony would be held to celebrate such occasions as births, naming, handfasting (marriage), and also to celebrate the life of a loved one, friend or community member after that being had left this physical world and passed to the next.

In fairly more recent times, such special times, ceremony has either been taken over by, or overtly, obliterated by large dominating organisations leaving many feeling that their ceremony, that poignant time which was meant to be special and meaningful, just felt hollow and dead.

As we, as individuals and as a collective, are beginning to wake up, become more aware and take responsibility for our own healing, health and well being, so are we being drawn to hold our own Ceremonies … Rather than give our power away to these organisations, we are choosing to Empower ourselves and hold Ceremony not only alongside mainstream ‘hollow ceremonies’ but also to engage in Ceremony for special occasions or personal poignant times that have no mention in our mainstream culture.

Because Ceremony allows one to engage with the deeper aspects of the ritual and occasion than would otherwise be acknowledged, holding Ceremony creates both mental and emotional well being and imparts a sense of being part of a greater whole.

Ceremony can be held at certain times of the seasons to acknowledge and celebrate the gifts of that season to connect with the nature spirits and archetypes of the corresponding time of the year and to offer blessings for that which sustains us…

Ceremony can be performed also to obtain and gain ongoing experience and communication with Spirit, our higher selves and our Spirit guides and allies.

Where there is an end there is always a beginning. Energy doesn’t die it just changes form. There is never life without death and death brings about new life. One of the only constants in this universe is change.

Within this lifetime we have many deaths and rebirths. These times were known by our ancestors as Rites of Passage. A Rite of Passage.

Alongside the unique requirements of each person and with guidance from Spirit I assist in the creation of beautiful, bespoke, Sacred Ceremonies for any occasion.. The following is a list of such special times for which Personal Sacred Ceremony is a wholesome and reverent way to mark a poignant time in ones journey.

Pregnancy; Birth; Naming; Rites of passage including Puberty/ Adolescence (girls beginning menstruation) Handfasting (marriage); moving into new home; End of Life (also please see Soul midwifing); Departure of a loved one; Anniversaries; and source of direct experience of connecting with Spirit/Energy realm, Higher Self for information and healing and Spirit guides.

The special times we have in our lives are certainly not limited to this list. If there is something in your life that you wish to honour with Sacred Ceremony that is not listed please feel free to contact me to discuss your needs and we will create a Sacred Ceremony for your requirements.