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Soul Midwifing

Soul Midwifing

A Soul Midwife is skilled in using ancient traditional techniques which include sound, smell, touch, guided journey and trained counsel and companionship to enable the passage of the dying to become accepted, explored and  integrated. This Spiritual and psychological support promotes settlement, peace and dignity within the person that is dying and enables the passage of leaving this world to be a more calm and wholesome experience.

A Soul Midwife can also offer assistance to close family.

There has been much fear and taboo around the subject of death. Some of that fear  I feel is due, at least in part, to a cultural and social lack of teachings, sharings and information around the very natural death process. We can find we don’t know what to say to the dying, or to any one else that is in or around a death process. We often don’t want to speak or even  think about dying. This has been collectively ingrained to us as children,  to our parents and back through our personal and cultural lineage. Thus when death approaches  us directly or indirectly we can feel completely at a loss for any understanding at all around any aspect of death and dying, finding communication and expression quite difficult.  This understandable and common inability to respond, coupled with the emotions of all involved can make the dying process  extremely uncomfortable on many levels, particularly for the one that is dying.

I have had the honour to assist many on their transition out of this world and into the next.  Each journey has been a unique, loving and beautiful experience.  Sessions of my soul midwifery have included counsel and support for the dying, counsel and support for close family. Support for the dying has included providing counsel ie listening and guidance, creating personal ceremony, sound therapy, guided journeying, and various other tools and techniques that assist in the letting go of attachments in this world, explore the inner or spiritual world  so passage into the next is a gentle, dignified and easy process.

Religious and Spiritual beliefs are always respected and incorporated into my work where appropriate.  I remain totally neutral so my work can be open and available to anyone and everyone whatever religion, creed, race or spiritual beliefs.

Time and content of my soul midwifery work  is very much dependent on the individual, the stage they are at in their journey and their environmental  factors.  Sessions have ranged from a one-off to a consistent series of sessions over many months and have taken place in the homes of the dying person or their family homes, care homes and hospices.

The calm and centred guidance of Soul Midwifery  has in my experience extended to close family enabling in them a greater capacity to accept, respond and relate to the one who is dying and their own inner emotions, feelings thoughts and questions.

Whatever the circumstances  surrounding the dying one my gift is to bring experienced, confidential, neutral,  spiritual and psychological support and guidance for the dying with love  empathy and compassion.