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Re-membering Therapy

Re-membering Therapy

Re-membering Therapy is a dynamic and powerfuI self assisted healing modality. Just one session offers the highly probable potential to be a life changing experience. In Shamanic terms the process is a re- birthing of ones self.

n a session we will start with a scan of your energy field or energetic body. Together, we locate the strongest energetic patterns and imprints that are you holding onto and giving your energy away to. You will be guided into an altered space to make a connection with your higher self.

This is most important as when you make the connection with that aspect of yourself you can receive your own answers.

You will also be connected with one or more spirit guides to assist you in your re-membering healing session..

We work with the information that you access from yourself about yourself to identify the source of your energy variances. Some of these energetic variances can include old limiting belief structures; energies and entities that have attached to you; imprints of trauma that has been experienced in this or other lifetimes; soul loss; thought forms that have been projected intentionally onto you and (karmic) attachment to others. All of these energetic forms take our energy. When we unconsciously, or indeed consciously, give away our energy we can experience all sorts of maladies on all levels of our being.. ranging from depression to feelings of lack of self worth, an inability to move forward and create in our lives, being stuck in repeating patterns.

Once you become aware of what it is that you are giving your energy away to and how that has been affecting you, physically emotionally or mentally, the imprint will be released. When you no longer carry that energetic pattern you begin to attract newness into your life.

When we experience trauma a piece of our soul fragments and stays looping in the energy of that experience. If we find that you have experienced soul loss we will bring those pieces of you back. Your soul pieces will be looked after by your spirit guide during the session to receive balance, peace and understanding. We will then, at the very end of the session call that aspect of yourself to the moment, and then integrate that part of your soul back within yoursel

We will clear any negative thoughts and ideas that you are consciously and unconsciously holding onto at a cellular level. I shall use sound to raise the frequency of your energy body. When your energy has been raised an octave, any potential future negative thoughtform encounters with these negative thoughts and ideas will no longer be able to be held within your energy field. They will just pass through you. The frequency of those energy forms will no longer resonate with the raised vibration of your being and therefore cannot attach to you.

Also, we carry ancestral burdens. These are located along our spine and in our water. Conditions and conditioning that we received from our parent and their parents and their parents’ parents. A session includes clearing our ancestral lineage past, present and future and re-aligning ourselves with our higher selves. This will enable you to become more fully aware in the present moment, to be open to receiving and trusting your own information, to use and utilize your gifts and talents at a pace thats workable for you, and to make it much easier for an ongoing evolving, connection with your higher self and your spirit guides and allies.

Because we are part of a collective, individuals that also share in a collective experience, there are many collective truamas that we hold in our psyches.. for example war or starvation or dis ease… In my experience, we all hold an aspect or aspects of our collective wounding that our spiritual or higher selves have taken on in order to balance that energy and bring it back into harmony… As a collective we are waking up. Many of us have now completed our agreements to balance certain aspects of the collective. During a re membering session you will find out what aspects of the collective you have been balancing and for how long and how that has been affecting you, your relationships and your well being. This part of the re membering benefits both the individual and our collective shared reality experience.

Sometimes the journeyer will have a relative friend or significant other that has passed into spirit. Oft times if the journeyer wishes we can connect to and speak with that one who is in spirit. We will ask them about their spiritual agreements with the journeyer, and if any unhealthy energy has been left around the journeyer from the energetics around their passing, we will clear that too.